The Tames Crown

I cater to those who know the difference between class and merely service. I love all things sexy and erotic. From romantic and sensual to kinky and taboo, it all excites me! I love what I do. If you are nice to me, Ill give you the world. Check me out on my site and let me know what you think! People say Im a cross between Jessica Rabbit & Joan from Mad Men. I go back & forth between blonde & auburn. I am described as an Amazon because I am tall & solid. You will not find any cellulite on my body. If you do not like tall women that can look you in the eye, then look on. I am dressed conservatively sexy or fetish when we meet. Im always up pretty late. I also have credit card options. If you are interested in my credit card options you have to let me know when booking and not when we first meet.


Here are about 300 words or so that illustrate some of the sultry & desirous little things I have been known to portray even in spending just an hour with you.... Sexy. Erotic. Flirtatious. Racy. Seductive. Amazon. Baby-blue eyes. Fun. Clever. Intoxicating. Careful. Cute. Humble. Worldly. Sweetheart. Eager. Stacked Solid Brickhouse. Real(in every way but my fingernails). Stimulating. Eccentric. Fetish. Nylons. Blue-Devil. Passion. Secret-Desires. Sizzling. Sincere. Pleasure. Understanding. Bondage. Hot. Pouty. Tasty. Leather. Role-Play. "A sight and experience to behold!!" Buxom. Insatiable. Luscious. Rubber. Naked. Fishnets. Ravishing. Stunning. Guarded. Deviant. Cosmopolitan. Jet-Setter. Lace. Voluptuous. Diva. Charismatic. Orally fixated. Whips & Chains. Salacious. Naughty. Sensual. Provocative. Titillating. Sexy little toes. Smooth. Impeccable. Nipples. Silk. Creative. Angel. Dancer. Flexible. Enlivening. Cautious. Willful. Satin. Rousing. Swift. Thrill-seeker. Gorgeous. Flowing. Heat. Graceful. Carnal. Earthly. Thrilling. Diplomatic. Provocative. Well-Advised. Perky. Taboo. Patent-Leather. Debauchery. Pantyhose. Steamy. Suggestive. Sophisticated. Red lipstick. Extraordinary. Glamorous. Thongs. Pearl-necklaces. Costumes. Liquid-latex. Vinyl. Kink. Belly-Button. Vitalizing. Aphrodisiac. Shaved. Feisty. Champagne-lover. History-buff. Boots. Garters. Lingerie. Animal-Lover. Sexy stockings with a classic backseam running from the sole of my foot all the way up the back of my leg and stopping right under my plump behind! Mischievous. Beauteous. Sensational. Exhilarating. Stirring. Breathtaking. Enlivening. Frisky. Lively. Spirited. An Enigma. Bold. Determined. Wet. Domineering. Open-Minded. Downright horny. Tramp. Investigative. Smart. Ravenous. Writer. Reader. Student. Teacher. Tenacious. Sassy. Resilient. Lips. Soft Hair. Hair pulling. Spanking. Ball-gag. Smother. Domme. Little schoolgirl with pigtails. Paddle. Lover. Surreal. A lady in public and a tramp in bed!! Charming. Sparkling. Tasty. Traveler. Witty. Fair. Crafty. Adept. Calculating. Blindfolds. Restraints. Satisfaction-guaranteed. Old Soul. Pleasure beyond your wildest imagination. Kama Sutra. Whimsical. Music-lover. Toys. Tantra-curious. Bi-Sexual. Spunky. Energetic. Nympho. To pamper & be pampered. Edgy. Fresh. Mutual-Enjoyment. Shoe-lover. Fashionista. Brazen. All-Natural 38ds. Plump, round ass. Costumes. Respectful until you give me a reason not to be. Explorer of all things erotic. Tactful. Diamonds(my birthstone). Spiritual. Thoughtful. Constantly aroused. I am me. I am your dirty little secret. I am The Tamsen Crown.

Languages: English, Spanish
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Average
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: 36-25-38
Rates: Longer engagements for up to a week are available. My booking rates are 200/.5, 290/1hr, 400/90mins, 590/2hrs • Between 1pm - 8pm 1hr is 250
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