elite companion

As the playful paramour who will satisfy your discriminating needs; the delicious diversion who will feed your visual hunger; I offer the sweet anticipation of the first date … first touch … and the excitement of getting lost in the experience. I am naughty by nature and a natural born flirt and I love turning fantasy into reality! With an aversion to wearing panties, I have been known to arrive for a date wearing just an overcoat, stockings and high heels! I should also disclose that I suffer from gamophobia. I can usually be found speeding through the fast lane of life in the hot pursuit of pleasure and new experiences. However, some things should never be rushed and I believe that seduction and pleasure should be savored ... slowly. My goal is for our liaison to be memorable in every way. Seduced or seducer, I do not disappoint. If you are an adventurous gentleman who appreciates an all-senses-explosion, then I hope to meet you soon! Indulge yourself …


I offer my charms, as well as the chance for a genuine connection, to mature and accomplished professionals with an appetite for erotic indulgences. My fees reflect the quality, thoughtfulness and exclusivity of my companionship as well as my desire to remain selective.

Rates: Introduction (1 hr) 400
Libations & Liaisons (2 hrs) 800
A Palate for Passion (3 hrs) 1000
Website: http://www.elite-companion.com
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